NEW Models! Now Offering 18-Foot and 20-Foot Standard Steel Crane Mats.

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Creative and Innovative Approaches to the Crane & Rigging Industry

Unique solutions and unsurpassed expertise to address your most challenging projects. We strive to provide turnkey solutions that allow you to focus on your business versus your problems.

Raptor Tech Inc. custom designs climbing jack systems, carts, vessel transport braces, testing equipment, and more for the crane and rigging industry.

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Standard products for the crane & rigging industry providing unmatched precision.

Custom Testing Equipment and Certification

Raptor Tech Inc is the leading company when is comes to designing and manufacturing testing equipment. Providing solutions for the largest testing companies in the world.

Turnkey Solutions

Raptor Tech’s expertise and problem-solving skills will provide a hassle free, lower cost solution for your companies' projects and problems. Raptor Tech's ability to provide turnkey solutions to your more challenging project allows you to focus on your main business.

Quality, Precision, & Reliability

Raptor Tech Inc trademark has always been quality, precision, and ability to assure customer satisfaction. No project is successful if not seamlessly integrated into your work process.

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