Introducing Economy Outrigger Pads – Same Material, Strength, & Technology As Our Other Models

raptor tech uhmw outrigger pads

Premium UHMW Outrigger Pads by Raptor Tech!

our standard approach to outrigger pads

Raptor Tech Inc. is renowned for our innovative solutions in the lifting industry, and now we are proud to introduce the next generation of UHMW Outrigger Pads. We have carefully considered your business needs and integrated unique patent pending design features, enabling you to leverage RFID and NFC technologies while also prioritizing performance and safety.

Invest in your company today by upgrading to Raptor Tech’s UHMW Outrigger Pads.

Raptor Tech Inc.’s UHMW Outrigger Pads are patent pending.

raptor tech premium outrigger pads feature rfid and nfc technology

Transparency for You and Your Customer

  • Embedded RFID chips and NFC Technology
  • Automatically update and track your inventory
  • Engineering data and Material Test Reports (MTRs) are available
  • A known material with a known material data sheet
  • Product data sheet instantly available
  • All data accessible via smartphone through Apple or Android apps
  • Best performing outrigger pad for your business
raptor tech premium outrigger pad with the outrigger pad rack

Designed to Be the Best Pad in the Industry

  • 11 standard sizes made with reprocessed UHMW
  • Lifting lanyard with capacity ratings for hand and crane lifting
  • Ergonomic through-hole handles
  • Lowers your NIOSH lift index
  • Limited lifetime warranty and support
  • Pairs with our Outrigger Pad Rack for efficient and safe use.

Select Your Premium Outrigger Pad From Our Extensive Product Library

Model Number Guide: Shape = Round (R) or Square (S) | Dimensions = Diameter or W x L in inches | Thickness = 2 or 3 inches | Material = Reprocessed (R)

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