Introducing Economy Outrigger Pads – Same Material, Strength, & Technology As Our Other Models

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The Most Comprehensive Line of Crane Mats in the Industry

Raptor Tech’s lightweight Steel Crane Mats are the turnkey solution you need. The high strength, low profile design and superior engineering give them the best strength-to-weight ratio in the world.

All of our crane mats are engineer certified and live load tested. With 16 standard sizes available, we have crane mats that will meet your capacity and lifting requirements.

Invest in your company today by upgrading your cranes to Steel Crane Mats by Raptor Tech.

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Absolutely the Best Crane Mats in the World

  • Live load tested and certified
  • Near-Zero deflection at 125% capacity
  • Highest weight to strength ratio
  • Lowest cost to capacity ratio
  • 20 year warranty against internal corrosion
  • Tire friendly design
  • Real capacity with real data

Select Your Steel Crane Mat From Our Extensive Product Library

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