The Most Comprehensive Line of Crane Mats in the Industry

Lightweight STEEL CRANE MATS are the turnkey solution you need. The high strength, low profile, and superior engineering give them the best strength-to-weight ratio in the world. Invest in your company today and order lightweight Steel Crane Mats by Raptor Tech today.

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Easiest and Safest Way to Carry Outrigger Pads

Roll-Tip-& Go: A high-quality safety device that reduces job site injuries associated with RT Cranes, is fully NIOSH Compliant, and designed to improve the lifting index of outrigger crane pads.

  • Adjustable: The Outrigger Pad Rack is fully adjustable to ensure proper fitting of outrigger pads up to 60” and a capacity of 1,000.
  • Simple Installation and Set-Up: The Outrigger Pad Rack has a single point hitch design that can be installed and removed easily.
  • Hi-Quality U.S. Steel: The Outrigger Pad Rack is manufactured in the United States out of high-strength U.S. steel.
  • Powder-coated in Hi-visibility safety yellow increasing corrosion-resistant for long service life.

The Outrigger Pad Rack holds U.S. Patent No. 9,038,835 B2, Australia Patent No. 201322619, Canada Patent No. 2,864,835, Japan Patent No. 5940683 and has Patents Pending in Brazil, Chile and Europe.

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