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Outrigger Pad Rack by Raptor Tech

Outrigger Pad Racks by Raptor Tech are a high-quality safety device that reduces fatigue and other job site injuries associated with manually handling outrigger pads. Specifically built to help reduce injury risk when working with RT cranes.

Our Outrigger Pack Rack is the safest and easiest way to transport and manually handle outrigger pads. Built with high quality US steel they are designed to help improve your NIOSH lifting index.

It’s as easy as roll, tip, and go!


Easiest and Safest Way to Carry Outrigger Pads

The Outrigger Pad Rack holds U.S. Patent No. 9,038,835 B2, Australia Patent No. 201322619, Canada Patent No. 2,864,835, Japan Patent No. 5940683 and has Patents Pending in Brazil, Chile and Europe.

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