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Crane Mats
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Unsurpassed Strength.

Engineered, Load Tested & Certified Steel Crane Mats

Steel Crane Mats are manufactured by Raptor Tech Inc., in the United States. Designed to be absolutely the best crane mats in the world, Steel Crane Mats combine the strength and durability you need while providing the lowest profile in the industry.

Discover Steel Crane Mats

Industry-Leading Products

Standard Models

Absolutely the best crane mats in the world! Steel Crane Mats are live-load tested, engineer certified & designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The turnkey solution you need.

Custom Mat Solutions

Custom capacities and sizes are available and can be tailored for your specific use case. Our design and engineering teams will work with you directly providing mats that exceed your expectations.

Crawler Crane Mats

Raptor Tech Crawler Mats are engineered to be adaptable so they are able to meet a wide variety of specific use cases while still meeting the published specifications for each crane manufacturer.

Raptor Tech Crane Shoe

Raptor Tech Crane Shoe is a cost effective and e-z repair solution for damaged outrigger pads. Repair vs replace and save money, double the yield strength and extend the service life of the pad by 50%.

OutRigger Pad Rack

Raptor Tech – The original and only manufacturer of the Total Support's Rigger Rack and the DICA ZeroLift rack now offers The Outrigger Pad Rack.

Ground Bearing Solutions

Ground bearing solutions tailored to your specific needs and use case. Our engineer & design teams will work with you to eliminate risk and make the seemingly impossible - possible.