Introducing Economy Outrigger Pads – Same Material, Strength, & Technology As Our Other Models

raptor tech economy outrigger pads

Economy Outrigger Pads

same strength as our area plus & premium outrigger pads

  • Cost-effective design with standard handles
  • Embedded RFID technology provides instant product data (material certifications, product information, company info, etc.) while on a job site
  • The embedded NFC technology helps keep track of your outrigger pad inventory
  • RFID and NFC technology are compatible with both Android and iPhone (an app is required for iPhone users)
  • Pairs with The Outrigger Pad Rack by Raptor Tech 
  • Raptor Tech’s Outrigger Pads are patent pending
cost effective outrigger pads by raptor tech

Most Transparent Outrigger
Pad Company

Raptor Tech believes in providing 100% product transparency.

With each plastic outrigger pad, we provide a material certification showing proof of material origin and certification of quality. Knowing your outrigger pads’ physical and mechanical properties allows for a proper crane mat assessment. 

If your pad provider can not provide specific information on the material of your pads, you should reconsider using them and ask yourself, what else are they hiding?

Select Your Economy Outrigger Pad

Model Number Guide: Shape = Round (R) or Square (S) | Dimensions = Diameter or W x L in inches | Thickness = 2 or 3 inches | Material = Reprocessed (R)

raptor tech outrigger pads

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