Introducing Economy Outrigger Pads – Same Material, Strength, & Technology As Our Other Models

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About Us

Since our founding in 2005, Raptor Tech has always been a family-owned company that started with our most popular product – Steel Crane Mats. Some of our other well-known products are the Outrigger Pad Rack, Crane Shoe and Crawler Crane Mats.

Our Steel Crane Mats are simply the best crane mats in the world. Always live-load tested, engineer certified & designed to provide a superior ground-bearing solution.

We design our products with safety and quality in mind. Our Steel Crane Mats are the strongest mats in the industry and are built to outlive the life of your crane. When it counts, there is no substitution for steel.

Not only are we the industry-leading crane mat company, we also design and fabricate custom accessories for the crane and rigging industry like climbing jacks and testing equipment. We always work one on one with your team to provide solutions to your most complicated job site requirements.


We are Dedicated to Completing Your Project on Schedule & on Budget.

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