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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a potential client with a lift plan that requires steel mats. Do you have any documentation certifying the claims you make about the strength and performance of Steel Crane Mats?

Yes. Each set of Steel Crane Mats manufactured leaves our facility with full certification and documentation. We have experience providing mats for some of the most demanding lift plans such as: nuclear, chemical, power generation, petroleum, and port facilities along with and bridge and wind farm location.

I have experienced property damage because of mat deflection. Something as minor as “birdbaths” to something more concerning such as damaging buried infrastructure. Will Steel Crane Mats help mitigate this type of risk to property?

Yes. Lightweight Steel Crane Mats have near-zero deflection at a free span. Our mats are live-load tested, engineer certified, & designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

I have special requirements beyond the specifications of your standard mats. How can you help me?

Our capabilities go well beyond our standard mats. Our engineering and design staff are ready to help you solve the most pressing challenges. Visit our custom Steel Crane Mats for more details. We are here to help!

I've been told Fiber or Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) mats are lighter, stronger, and less expensive then Steel Crane Mats. Is it true?

When it comes to crane mats there is no comparison to steel. Our Steel Crane Mats weigh less, cost less, have near zero deflection, do not require a transitional pad or intermediate buffer material. You’ve probably been lied to numerous times.

Our new crane has very limited outrigger travel. Will the profile of your Steel Crane Mats allow for quick setup?

Yes. Our standard lightweight Steel Crane Mats are the lowest profile mat in the world, with a profile range from 4-5/8” to 10-5/8”.

Why should I spend money on Steel Crane Mats when I have run a successful business on timber mats for decades?

There are many reasons: stronger, safer, faster set-up, one time purchase – they pay for themselves! More importantly considering the drastic advancements in crane technology and design over the years your crane and business need them.