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Rental Program
steel crane mat model CM 36 200k

Crane Mat Rental

Raptor Tech now offers our Steel Crane Mats and Crawler Crane Mats for rent. Each mat is pre-qualified, live load tested, and engineer certified with additional engineer services available throughout your rental period.

Our rental program is designed to be flexible and convenient, with competitive rates and flexible rental periods. Customers can rent our mats by the day, week, or month, making it easy to get the mats they need when they need them.

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Rental Mat Sizes

Raptor Tech offers all sizes ranging from 5′ x 4′ to 16′ x 8′ Steel Crane Mats for rental. We also offer our standard sized 20′ x 4′ Crawler Crane Mats for rent.

Each mat is re-tested and certified by our engineering team before each use to ensure the crane mats are safe and ready to use.

Please contact us for specific size availability and pricing. Additional engineering services are available throughout your entire rental duration.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I rent?
    • You should rent for many reasons. First, renting helps solve any ground bearing challenges that may come up on your unique job sites. Each crane mat is proof load tested and certified before leaving our facility and often pre-qualified for job site use, making them rent ready. Renting also is great for short-term projects, while providing a cost-effective and convenient solution for your temporary crane mat needs
  • What makes Raptor Tech crane mats special?
    • Our lightweight, tire-friendly Steel Crane Mats are the best crane mats in the world! Each crane mat is tested and engineer certified. We also offer additional engineering services throughout your rental period.
  • Are your crane mats pre-qualified and ready to use?
    • Yes, each mat is pre-qualified for most job sites including power plants and chemical plants. Our crane mats are always live -load tested and engineer certified before each use to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.
  • How do we get the crane mats to our job site?
    • We will assist you in setting up freight to and from your job site.
steel crane mat model CM 36 200k

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