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Known for our Steel Crane Mats, we also offer custom designed and engineered products and accessories for the crane and rigging industry. We work one on one with your team to develop custom solutions that meet your job requirements. Raptor Tech will exceed your expectations.

Jacking Systems

Our climbing jacks assist the lifting and lowering of heavy loads. Customizable and designed to meet your most demanding lift requirements. Any size and any capacity!

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Test Frames

From testing frames to blast fixtures, we offer the best solution to ensure you have the proper equipment needed to calibrate, certify, or re-certify your lifting and rigging equipment.

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Man Baskets

Man baskets and work platforms designed to safely transport employees on construction sites. Engineer certified and tested to ensure the safety of your crew.

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Stands and Braces

Support your heavy haul and rigging needs with our stands and braces, we work with your team to develop the best solution. Our quick turnaround leaves you with little down time.

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Crane Shoe

Extend the service life of your damaged outrigger pad with this quick, easy and affordable solution. Standard and custom solutions are available with hardware.

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Outrigger Pad Rack

Built for RT cranes, the Outrigger Pad Rack is the safest way to move and transport outrigger pads. Our high quality safety device will improve your NIOSH lifting index and reduce on-site injuries.

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Outrigger Pads

Our patent-pending outrigger pads integrate RFID and NFC technology with new design features to bring a new level of transparency and safety to the industry.

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Crawler Crane Mats

Designed to be used on crawler cranes, our lightweight and cost-effective designs come in standard or customizable sizes to meet your lift and job site requirements.

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Custom Crane Mats

We work with your company to develop and engineer custom Steel Crane Mats to meet your demanding job site requirements. Customizable to any size, color, capacity.

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Steel Crane Mats

The leading crane mat in the industry. Our mats are live load tested and engineer certified. Designed to be lightweight, have near-zero deflection, and built to outlive the life of your crane.

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