NEW Models! Now Offering 18-Foot and 20-Foot Standard Steel Crane Mats.

Why Steel Crane Mats?

Choosing the correct crane mat leads to safer operation and lowers costs. Your mat needs to carry the required load without flexing and meet the desired ground pressure without any questions. The longer the mats last, the less they cost you.

Raptor Tech Steel Crane Mats perform better, last longer, and are more cost effective than any alternative (wooden crane mats, composite crane mats, etc.). Our advanced design gives you a lightweight, high strength crane mat that does not flex and is a proven performer even in the toughest environments. 

If one of our 16 standard models does not meet your lift requirements, we work diligently with your team to design and engineer custom crane mats to meet your needs. From wind farms and oil refineries to job sites in big cities, we have Steel Crane Mats that will exceed your expectations and meet your most demanding lift requirements. 

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