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Why Steel Crane Mats?

Choosing the correct crane mats for your business can lead to safer operation and lowers costs. You need your mats to carry the required load without flexing and meet the desired ground pressure under that mat without any questions. And the longer the mats last, the less they cost you.

Simply put: Raptor Tech Steel Crane Mats perform better, last longer and are more cost effective than any alternative (wooden crane mats, composite crane mats, plastic crane mats, etc.). The advanced design of our mats gives you a lightweight, high strength mat that does not flex under load and is a proven performer even in the toughest environment. Raptor Tech Lightweight Steel Crane Mats are the only line of crane mats that come standard with:

  • 20 year guarantee against internal corrosion
  • Lifetime manufacturer support
  • Engineer drawings for lift planning and site approval
  • Live load tested and engineer certified
  • 17 standard sizes for cranes up to 1200 tons
  • Lightweight design that distributes the load and protects underground assets
  • A history of being the “go to” mat for critical lifts, globally

Let us show you how Raptor Tech Steel Crane Mats are the smartest, safest and most economical choice you can make. We look forward to working with you!


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