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Finally a LONGITUDINAL Mat Solution

RAPTOR TECH Longitudinal or often referred to as Crawler Mats are engineered to be adaptable, so they can meet a wide variety of specific use cases while still meeting the published specifications for each crane manufacturer.

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Steel Longitudinal Mats by Raptor Tech

  • Standard Sizes/Dimensions
  • ISO container lifting points on top and bottom allow for stacking and locking, providing simpler and greater versatility when transporting
  • 8′ wide mats provide the fastest set up in the field and the least amount of labor. Set up is at least twice as fast as timber mats which are typically 4′ wide.
  • Mats are load-tested and certified
  • RAPTOR TECH mats are serial number stamped for identification and come with full documentation
  • On-site engineering and consulting services
  • Custom sizes available
  • Customizable option of hot dipped galvanized for highly corrosive environments

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